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North Fork Yuba River, Canyon Creek Trail, March 1, 2008
We found one, and only one, blooming plant this month, the first flower of the season. The early snow has melted, save for a few deeply shaded places, and life is beginning to stir. The river and the creeks are running a little high, and all of the seasonal rills and seeps are wet. Plants are leafing out, and the lady bugs are awakening from their hibernation. The afternoon wind whispers, "Spring is coming."
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152 Milk Maids sp.

Cardamine californica.sp

One of several subspecies, first to bloom here.

L: The seasonal cascade near the trail head.

R: The best view above Cherokee Creek.
L: 149 Lichen

R: 150 Turkey Tails 
L: Cherokee Creek upstream.

R: Cherokee Creek downstream
151 Russula

The attempted
field I.D. picture.
L: Snow on Kelly Bar.

R: Looking down the North Fork. 

The Alders are blooming.
L: The monitoring site.

R: Upstream from the site. 
The lady bugs are becoming active, their time to leave is coming this month. 
L: A fisherman's fire on the point.

R: Upstream on Canyon Creek. 
L: Another fallen tree.

R: A fallen bird's nest. 
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