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North Fork Yuba River, Canyon Creek Trail, July 7, 2007
Another excellent month for flowers. Richard captures only some of what is blooming, but plans to return next year and spend more time.
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L: North Fork Canyon

R: Mouth of Canyon Creek in Summer
062 Coyote Mint

Monardella villosa.

The flower of the month, it was on every sunny, dry, rocky bank along the trail.
063 Bindweed

Convolvulus arvensis.

064 Naked Buckwheat

Eriogonum nudum.

The picture is not good, but it was common along the dry, rocky trail.
  060 Western Salsify

Tragopogon dubius.

065 Sticky Chinese Houses, Tincture Plant

Collinsia tinctoria.

An additional close-up.
066 Angelica

Angelica californica.
067 Sunflower family

Possibly helianthella. There are
H. californica subspecies that resemble this plant I have found three times. Mine are all mostly twelve-ray flowers, and the flower buds visible in the close-up appear to be distinctive cups.
068 Torrey's Monkeyflower

Mimulus torreyi.
069 Kern Tarweed

Hemizonia pallida.

In this close up, the cone flowers can be seen.
Two of our trail friends

Landslide Jack on the left, and the Startling Miss Peek-a-boo on the right.
070 Saxifrage family

Additional close-up.
071 Fremont's Silver Lotus

Close up.
072 Lotus, Meadow Hosackia

Lotus torreyi.

Closer-up... Seed pod a month later.
073 White Hedge Nettle

Stachys albens.

Streamside, with the other wet-footed plants above and below. Close up.
053 Scarlet Monkeyflower

Mimulus cardinalis.
Our more gentle trail companions

The mouth of Canyon Creek, where it flows into the North Fork of the Yuba, is Ladybug Land. They come and go in season, and at times there are seething swarms of them all about. I have noticed that when they do what they do, even when they swarm on trees along the creek, they don't go above the high water mark.
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