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North Fork Yuba River, Canyon Creek Trail, December 1, 2007
No flowers in December, yet the forest is rich with life. As I have only begun to learn about fungi, I have very few IDs, but many pictures. When these were taken, I knew little about mushroom identification; having participated in, and learned a great deal from, the Yuba Watershed Institute's Fungus Foray the following week, I will gather more facts from future finds. My family IDs are guesses. Thanks to Alan for the ID on #106, and Julie for #105.
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L: 106 Felt Lichen
Peltigera neopolydactyla

R: Canyon Creek at the end of Fall.
103 Giant Chain Fern

Woodwardia fimbriata.
104 Polypody

Polypodium californicum.
105 Goldenback Fern

Pentagramma triangularis.

Another leaf close up.
107 Turkey Tails

Trametes versicolor.

Greenish variant.
117 Leathery shelf fungus

Resembles Turkey Tails in habit (on oak), but substantially larger.
128 On Alder snag

At streamside among the grasses.
108 Reddish cup
118 Shiny orange cap
125 Another reddish cup
109 Russula
110 White veil over tan cap?
111 Blue stipe w/ green navel on cap
119 Similar to above, bigger.
132 Looks like?
124 Smaller tan cups
134 Same as #92 on page 7? 
120 Large brownish cap
121 Rocky Top

Another look.
123 Small brown cap 
112 Red/blue top
113 Red w/ yellow on top, coarse gills
130 Red w/fine gills, thick stipe
116 Red w/fine gills, narrow stipe
114 Red Button cluster
135 Brown cap cluster
115 Bolete with competition
126 Oyster top
131 Dirt cups
136 Twins?
133 Gnarly top
122 In Oak duff
129 Mycena

At streamside on the edge of a piece of bark.
127 Mycena

At streamside, with the ladybugs.
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