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North Fork Yuba River, Canyon Creek Trail, January 6, 2008
We come into the canyon on the tail of a three-day storm that has left 4 to 6 inches of new snow on the trail, and we experience a couple of brief snow showers along the way. Richard's photos of the trail this month are in the Trail collection. No wildflowers this month, to be sure, but living things still give color and shape to the forest.
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L: At the trailhead

R: The bridge at Cherokee Creek
138 Fungus?

On dead wood.
139 Lichen

On live tree.
140 Shelf fungus

On dead wood.
141 Another wood eater
142 And another
143 Under a log

Appears to have some larvae or pupae on it.
105 Golden-backed Fern

Pentagramma triangularis.

Better pictures than last month.
144 Vine in Brummel Ravine

Can't find one like it in my resources so far.
145 Succulent

Awakening after the rains. Possibly Dudleya.
L: Hibernating ladybugs

R: Active squirrel
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